The beginning of forever

The beginning of forever
Ever wondered what the world of Dollcake looks like?

We'll be releasing exclusive only blog goss, secrets, how to's and much much more that you wouldn't otherwise see. 

We want to build our own community here. Since we live and breathe Dollcake, we want to share our weekly experiences with you. This will be your number one stop every week and a place to share your thoughts, start conversations, tell us your wants or to simply stop by and say hello. 

We encourage you to input & share photos of your little ones, your photography skills or Dollcake wardrobe. We'll return the favour by sharing the in's and out's and sneak peaks into the world of Dollcake. 

So to start off our first ever blog post, we thought we should make it extra juicy! What better than to share a sneak peak of what future Dollcake will look like. 
Dollcake is always listening! We see your opinions, thoughts and comments throughout our socials. Feedback is the most valuable thing to us and we heard the many calls for colours, vintage, long sleeve and photography purpose designs. 

Our brand is much more than another online store - it's an expression and appreciation of what your little one feels when wearing her Dollcake piece. We want her to feel like no one else could possibly own a design so beautiful. We want the other passerbys to ask 'omg where did she get that dress?' 
We remember certain memories and days from our childhood based on what we wore. Every girl deserves to feel like a princess at least once in her life, and we can only hope and dream it's the Dollcake dress that does exactly that. 
Planning to do what we love forever, we hope you'll frequently visit and help us create, build and continue Dollcake



  • zzqoexfbpf

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Dawn Loweke-Caruana

    Soooo looking forward to your Vintage and Long Sleeve versions..Perfect for my Granddaughters..

  • Neelam

    I saw the most divine dress on your thank you cards packed with one of my orders and I can’t even wait to know when it will be released – it truly has me so excited! Can’t wait to see what else is in store for us. You are on fire dollcake!! I’m so glad I have girls to dress up in your pretty clothes 😆

  • Rebecca Lunardi Mancini

    Wow I cannot wait to see that blue beauty at the front!!

  • Nico

    I look forward to seeing the new beauties you can share with us all! I’m already delighted and daydreaming with what I see here!

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